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Brimfield Antique Shows

Helpful Hints

  • Arrive early to be sure you find parking. While spaces are plentiful, they fill up fast! Crowd at Brimfield Antique Show
  • Bring a tote, backpack or other equipment to carry your new-found treasures. Wagons or carts are often used for hauling.
  • If you plan to meet someone or visit a particular dealer, be sure to note the booth number and the name of the field or show. Show operators maintain lists of dealers, and only they can distribute dealer information.
  • The show goes on rain or shine. Be prepared for a change in the weather. Dress appropriately. Don't forget comfortable shoes!
  • Take time to rest and replenish your liquids, particularly in high heat. A drink of water is, at times, hard to find at the shows. Bring some with you.
  • Brush up on your negotiation skills. Most dealers expect you to bargain.Brimfield Antique Show
  • The following may come in handy; calculator, notebook, sunscreen, sun/rain hat, fanny pack, and a plastic poncho.
  • Looking for something in particular? Ask a dealer who carries similar items. Chances are, they'll have great recommendations, or even have what you're looking for still packed in a box at their booth.
  • Lost something? Look for lost items at each show promoter's office. Also, marking your belongings with your phone number can help get the item back to you if it becomes lost.
  • Also, Check with the Brimfield Police Department after the show to see if your item has been turned in.

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